Templar Knights’s Tau


The taumed cross was also symbolically adopted by the Order of the Knights Templar, especially in the first period of their development. The Templar squires  had a red Tau sewn on the mantle, which became a full patent cross when passing to the rank of Knight. The Tau is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and signifies the fulfillment of Creation, the individual in which the second part of the Work begins, the Principle that concludes the Synthesis; It also refers to the Daily Bread and the Divine Word, that is, to the physiological needs and to the spiritual elevation in observance of the Gospel word: “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”According to some interpretations it indicates a treasure, or the place where it lies buried, but more simply, it can be assumed that it was adopted by the Order as a duplicate call to the Cross, as well as to the initial “Templum” T, or “Temple”. It is sometimes found as a symbol of the Templars in emblems or coats of arms placed on the palaces or churches of their ancient commanders.

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