TAU International Prize


We want to establish the TAU International Symbol of Humanity Award. A prestigious recognition to those who have distinguished themselves in humanitarian works, of peace, for the union of peoples, for the good of the communities, for the love of their neighbor. The award was created to show the meaning of the TAU as a symbol of HUMANITY, RELIGIOUSNESS and BROTHERHOOD. We want to give importance to a recognition for humanitarian actions and human dignity. With a simple gesture, the awarding of the award, would highlight many realitys connected to the UNIVERSAL WELL, an incentive to improve the existence of many people who do not sometimes have more hope of living.

We are forming a committee that can award the prize.

The TAU, from the most remote times, is a powerful unifying symbol of various realities.
Literature has not been sufficiently investigated about the historical, religious and cultural perspectives. It is therefore considered appropriate to highlight it in a way that enhances the various concepts it represents on the anthropological level within modern society. New digital communication methods will be used through this web site and social networking sites. Innovation and uniqueness worldwide to rediscover the meaning of “spiritual salvation” and that of “union of men for peace and fraternity”. Communicating these messages means giving a deep meaning to life with consequent positive repercussions in order to best manage your own existence.

Project structure
The site is the showcase of the concepts that we want to develop to coordinate and manage the TAU International Award of Humanity.
Topics will be taken care of by a promoter committee made up of representatives of all those interested (stakeholders) at the TAU. The topics will be managed by a promotional committee consisting of representatives of all stakeholders at TAU. I refer to those who, in history, have exalted their value, sacredness, and testimony: in particular,the Franciscan community, the Antonius community, the Jewish community, the Masonic community, and the noble families connected with TAU at the heraldic level. Interested parties can write us taucommunity@outlook.it
On the site will be represented the various aspects of TAU, with the possibility of inserting scientific discoveries, archaeological finds, images and traditions. Social networks will have the task of making interactive, shared and shared communication among all those who want to collaborate at the TAU Project at international level.

The project aims to promote TAU as an immaterial cultural heritage of humanity, making it a specific requirement for UNESCO.

I really hope that this initiative can be realized, as for the first time in the world, thousands of people will have the chance to trust in a symbol that has made man’s story for the salvation of peoples.

Dr. Giuseppe Orlandi
CNR Research Manager  Communication and Information Office –  General Direction
National Research Council of Italy – Piazzale Aldo Moro 7, Rome